Ultimately it is a partnership.  A partnership that is designed to help you find inspiration, insight, and motivation to move your career (and life) successfully forward.

Case Study 1

Client: Former product manager in celebrity clothing business


Need: After being a full time caregiver for several years, client is ready to join the workforce again in successful family skincare brand business.


Results: After first assessing her strengths and interests, a role is carved out for her that best plays to her abilities and interests. Coaching helped her reconfigure an already busy life to accomodate new responsibilities as well as help lead the company to new levels of success.

Case Study 2

Client: Feature and documentary film producer/director


Need: After 25 years of worldwide work on films focusing mostly on new models of filmmaking, non-profits and companies with sustainability built into their product and mission, client wanted to: 1) ground in one place, 2) build out his vision-project, and 3) thrive financially.


Results:Together we have prioritized his work flow, and identified his strengths and challenges. Client is currently settled in one place (which is ideal for his mission/efforts) - with a few select clients paying him regularly (so he does not have to travel), he is disciplined in focusing on the steps to build his personal passion into a sustainable and thriving company, and he has a clear strategy to attain all of his desired results.