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Dedicate your life to your passion and build your life's work.

Creative Path Finders helps you lead a life that reflects your own story and ambition.

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Transform your career

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Reconnect with your values

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Set smart goals

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Rewrite your story

Develop resilience and sustainable strategic focus.

Ditch the safe but unfulfilling life

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The best version of your career is the one aligned with your inner calling, values and the story you want to write for yourself.

Andrea Skerritt  Founder, Xtempo Communications

"I knew I needed to leave my job and always wanted to be an entrepreneur. But between a lifetime on the traditional corporate bandwagon and the myriad business ideas swirling in my head, I felt stuck. Andrea worked with me to tap back into my creative side and gain the clarity that I needed to move forward. Her guidance enabled me to put in place a plan that led to the launch of my business within a year of our first session."

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