Find your Why & build a career around it

Creative Coaching helps you create a personal perspective around your story, career and where you want to go.

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Transform your career

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Reconnect with your values

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Achieve true to self goals

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Rewrite your story

Creative Coaching empowers professionals to live bold, authentic lives aligned with their wildest dreams. We help you direct your ambition to positions you excel in. Through person-oriented creative solutions, you ditch the "successful but unfulfilling" career trap.  

Develop resilience and sustainable strategic focus.

What Clients Say

Finding my way to a new career after being side-lined by caregiving for a sick relative has involved more than creating a new resume. With Andrea,  I started on the path by identifying my values, strengths and weaknesses.  The process has helped me write a new narrative about myself and feel comfortable talking to others about what I want to achieve.  Andrea's intelligence, honesty and perspective helped me see myself in a new light and take the steps I needed to take in order to achieve my goals.

Ann Plagerman-Lew, Feature Script Writer

I began working with Andrea about 6 months ago.  I'm not in a creative industry but I'm an entrepreneur and needed support and creative strategies as I worked to get my business off the ground.   Andrea is a terrific listener with a soothing voice and strategic mindset.   She's incredibly helpful to me in many ways, including thinking through key decisions for my business and designing sales tactics.  I think of myself as a good communicator but I've learned a lot from Andrea about how to really ensure my message is heard. She has also helped me adopt a different, and better,  approach to listening which is already reaping rewards. I highly recommend Andrea as a coach.  I have been grateful for her unconditional support, her ability to get to the heart of any issue I'm grappling with, and her very wise guidance.

Jennifer Sweeney, Entrepreneur and Non Profit Executive

Andrea is a very thoughtful, perceptive and strategic coach.  In working with her over the last six months I have found her questions spot on, revealing insights that I couldn’t have imagined.  With a background in ballet, my thoughts tend to come to me much like the choreography of a dance.  Andrea has been able to see through the complexity in my way of thinking and guide me in creating real actionable plans to move towards a successful future.  I am very thankful for her patience and compassion as I have worked through some very difficult issues.  I would highly recommend Andrea as a coach for her deep insights, expertise and ability to provide unconditional support.

Michelle Vander Stouw, Principal OnPointe.

The most fulfilling career and life path is aligned with your inner calling, values and life story.